On Manners & the Music Biz 

Hey, we have to talk... A disclaimer before we continue: I am not a perfect human, and Lord knows there are people out there who think poorly of me, but having witnessed, experienced or committed these acts of bad manners myself, I feel this is a conversation worth having.
Basic manners:
Say "please", say "thank you", hold the door for people coming through right behind you... did you learn these things?
Musicians, we have a code of conduct to uphold. It is one of decency and respect towards one another in…Read more

Looking at the Person in the Mirror 

There is always a ceiling I want to break through so I can fly.

My album is nearing completion, and I've been waiting to take that step forward for so long. I see it as my chance to show people what I really do, who I really am, and what I'm capable of. In my mind, I will have solid example of my best work so that people will finally take me seriously, because I take myself seriously. But is it enough?
I want to make big, bold moves forward and be an undeniable force in the music scene. I don't want to…Read more

Album update! Squeeee! 

 So, you haven't heard from me. So, I've been spending my weekends and evenings in the Black Hat Studio with the amazing Josh Cohen (It's his birthday today! Wee!). So, you may wonder what's going on, so let's stick with the cold, hard facts about this album, shall we?
  • The name of the album is Storybook.
  • "Storybook" is also the name of the song where I do a kinda white-girl-from-Minnesota spoken word section. Tis much fun. Don't laugh. Okay, do laugh.
  • Josh and I have been working hard on putting…
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I've been a little shy about publicizing this because it seemed too good to be true and much too awesome to believe, but it's time to tell you... or to sing it to you:


I'm teaming up with my friend Josh Cohen at the Black Hat Music Studio, who is a talented engineer and musician and generally just an all-around good guy to make the songs you've been hearing from me into THE REAL DEAL. So far, working with this rockstar has been a dream come true and everything is… Read more

Music, my ears & the people I'd like to thank 

 Music, to me, is one of those things that feels like it's ever-present, universal, something unchanging, independent of the human condition, but it most certainly is not. In fact, it is entirely dependent on people. I won't go philosophizing too much on this, because one could definitely get in too deep, but I will go on to say that for me, my love for music is completely tied in with my love for people, but specific people have shaped my interpretation and thoughts on music forever, so I thought I'd share…Read more

What does music do to you? 

Music continually leaves me awestruck. It has such power- to connect, to express, to move, to define, to transport, to become. How is it possible to get lost in soundscapes? Music takes us places, sometimes alone, sometimes together. It's totally universal, yet at the same time, completely personal. I'm sure scientists have spent a lot of time on music and what effects it has, but some things science can't seem to touch nor explain.

Music is my life. It's the biggest reason why I wake up every morning…Read more

How I got here... 

Taking the time to look back helps you figure out where you're at... today I'm only looking back at the last couple years, cause a lot has changed in that time and hey, it'll help you all get to know me a bit better.

In the Spring of 2010, I was accepted into grad school for Violin Performance in Boston. I was happy, scared, hesitant. I grew up playing classical violin and that had always been the plan, ever since I committed myself to the instrument in 8th grade. It was as intense of a relationship as it…Read more